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First network for young talents
(0 to 3 year's experience)


My Job Campaign, the top site in Belgium focused 100 % on talented young graduates (0 to 3 years’ experience).

Our aim is to build a vast network of employers and talented candidates, based on a large searchable database (there are already more than 40,000 registrations from the top Belgian high-schools and universities). Thousands of complete CVs populate a databank of highly qualified profiles to enable you to select your candidates and future employees. 

By becoming a partner of My Job Campaign, you significantly increase your visibility among young graduates and contribute to raising your profile with the target audience.


As member/user of My Job Campaign, you benefit from access to a unique global database that enables you to save time. You can also communicate your needs directly in three languages (job or internship offers, trainee programmes) to candidates in accordance with your own criteria. In addition, you can promote your recruitment-related “events”!


My Job Campaign offers you the possibility of creating CV alerts (automatically alerting you of profiles that match your criteria, at your chosen frequency), and to easily manage your personal candidate files in the way that you want. Candidates will be able to approach you directly by sending you their CV and covering letter.


My Job Campaign guarantees a flexible solution for employers, integrating their own needs in terms of recruitment.